Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello from the Apron Lady!!

I last wrote in June.
I wrote about the Owl and Ladybug Patterns, I am happy to report they are a smashing success! Congratulations to my friend and designer Sabrina, for her creativity with these patterns. Thank you Sabrina!

Where have I been?
I have mostly been having and recovering from surgeries, woe is me...! I am down to one more surgery in the near future, then I hope to be home free for a while! My Rheumatoid Arthritis has gotten so involved that every time I have a procedure, it really sets me back as well as clouds my recovery. Enough of that, I just thought some explanation might be in order.

It has also been a little difficult lately to concentrate on Aprons because we have had our beautiful daughter Katie and MY first grandchild Emma visiting. Katie and her army husband are stationed in Japan. And yes they have to take little Emma with them!! Over the years (especially when I was younger and stronger), I was known for my cooking. Well somehow Emma has come to look upon me as the food provider. This morning I made her pancakes, I think she couldn't believe she would get such a treat for breakfast. They return to Japan in less than 48 hours and it may be more than 2 years before I see them again....woe is me!!!
Well I am trying to get back into life, trying to live with gratefulness, and joy. Although I may have trials; I know the Lord has not left me alone here, I do have so much support. I have been blessed from reading the stories of bloggers who are going through their own trials.

I have received many kind notes from my Apron friends - so read on to my next post - to see what I would like to do for you!
My best,


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ladybug, Owl and my friend Sabrina

We have some new patterns in our little company! A child's Apron Ladybug set and a companion Hoot Owl Apron set. These two patterns were designed by my long time friend and creating buddy Sabrina Mattsson. They are unique little Aprons, with adorable well thought out accessories.

I brought Sabrina into the Apron Lady Designs to share her incredible skills in home design. Her ideas and ingenuity are unmatched! It is so fun to watch her new designs develop. as she works on the home, I have been creating a line of patterns that go into a fun new direction for me, I am hoping to be able to show my new patterns in Houston this year.

As always, half the battle for me is being physically strong. I hope you will keep an eye out for us

as we put all the details together!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good bye my David

The time is up! A week and a half is left, and then my son (yes my 19 yr old baby) - will depart the United States to spend the next 22 months in Tokyo as a missionary. Yes he will be the kind you see on the bikes! Why would he do this? Because of his faith in God, and because of his desire to bring hope for the future for souls in need.

I have loved this child every day of his life, bled for his struggles and wept for his triumphs. He is a very special young man, I wish him godspeed.

In the midst of designing and living my daily life, I have been parting with my son. I am grateful for Apron distractions, they keep me sane.

Thank you to all of you that continue to support me, I consider my customers to be my friends and I must say I delight in your business stories and ventures!

You will be seeing The Apron Lady in a few fun places soon, I will keep you posted on facebook or right here on my blog. Have a great weekend (I have one more care package to make!).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More bloggers in the family!

My daughters Heidi and Mary have started blogging; and are giving me the push to keep up my blog better.
With Spring Quilt Market right around the corner - we are busily tying up the loose ends on our new patterns. I have to say I am really excited about some different things we are doing. While I will always be designing aprons (I have a new one that is to die for!)' I am enjoying branching into some other areas.
Way back in the 1980's I had a line of children's clothing. It was really fun to design for my kids, and then grow from there. With children's clothes being as popular as they are now, I have been updating a few of my favorite patterns to use in some of my new patterns.
As an elementary age girl I learned to sew originally and exclusively on stretch knits. My early designs were all knits. So of course you will see the knit influence in some of my new designs. I love the comfort for children that knits provide! I am looking forward to sharing with you - how easy knits can be to sew with, and how to mix you quilt fabrics with your knit fabrics.
Look for two upcoming tutorials on repurposing adult clothing for childrens knit shirts and leggings.
I am having a little bit of blog trouble here, so I will post my photos later. You have to see my mothers original knit designs and the fun things were working on!
Have a great day!

A baby in the house!

The last time I posted we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild. What a wonderful blessing it is to have this little bundle of joy in our home.
My daughter came in my bedroom with her this morning, she was just chattering
away. (I forgot how early they wake up!).
I am sure this is a place for photos not words, I am posting a few newborn and then a few 2 month ones from right now. Needless to say with the birth of a new baby and the "birth of new patterns" life can be pretty crazy. When the baby visits I try to
just focus on her - I know these days will be gone soon enough. Isnt she beautiful?!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - can I still say that?
Things are hopping here.
We have our first grandchild arriving in the next two weeks.
Our youngest son is leaving in a month for a two year mission
to Tokyo, for our church.
Our older kids have left from the holidays, things are just slowly
returning to normal.
Yes, it has taken me weeks to recover and put the house
back together.
Here are a few photos of the 50 family members we had visit
on Christmas day.