Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New pattern photos thrill me!

I cant give you a peek quite yet, but I must say I am so excited abut our latest pattern photo shoot! I never quite know what we will get back, sometimes everything is perfect and sometimes...back to the drawing board.
While I have been crazy writing patterns on my end, Mary calls from college (lets assume she would be studying!), to let me know she just spent the funnest day fishing. Is that a college class?
I hope the lake was beautiful!
Back to the laptop for me!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh Hello

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I do love company!
I was raised in a family with 12 adopted children, and have raised 5 kids
and have 65 nieces and nephews so I am used to having lots of people around!
We are down to one child in the house..... and I have to say, my only complaint
about motherhood...is it goes by way too fast!
Now as I head into the next phase of my life, I invite you along.
My head is so full of patterns and fabric and recipes- I think I could burst!
I cant wait to share it all with you!
So come visit me often, and lets get to know each other better!