Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - can I still say that?
Things are hopping here.
We have our first grandchild arriving in the next two weeks.
Our youngest son is leaving in a month for a two year mission
to Tokyo, for our church.
Our older kids have left from the holidays, things are just slowly
returning to normal.
Yes, it has taken me weeks to recover and put the house
back together.
Here are a few photos of the 50 family members we had visit
on Christmas day.


Anonymous said...

Your patterns are darling! I made the Suzy Swirl skirt and I had a question. Do the patterns run a little small? I made the size 2-3 for my almost 3 year old grand daughter (she is tiny) but it looks like it was made to fit my 1 year old grand daughter. Did I do something wrong? I did 3/8 seams like the pattern calls for. Thanks for your help!

Jan Lutz said...

Dear Anonymous,
The 2-3 size is pretty little. It's intended to be a short little swirly skirt.
Of course my hopes are that you can make lots of different skirts with the Suzy pattern. Watch for direction on how to make leggings from your old t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

I love the short skirt because it shows the leggings that come with the pattern :)

Sabrina said...

Is Mary wearing a Flirty Skirty in the second picture?

Anonymous said...

Yes, all the girls got new aprons made to fit their personality for Christmas.