Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good bye my David

The time is up! A week and a half is left, and then my son (yes my 19 yr old baby) - will depart the United States to spend the next 22 months in Tokyo as a missionary. Yes he will be the kind you see on the bikes! Why would he do this? Because of his faith in God, and because of his desire to bring hope for the future for souls in need.

I have loved this child every day of his life, bled for his struggles and wept for his triumphs. He is a very special young man, I wish him godspeed.

In the midst of designing and living my daily life, I have been parting with my son. I am grateful for Apron distractions, they keep me sane.

Thank you to all of you that continue to support me, I consider my customers to be my friends and I must say I delight in your business stories and ventures!

You will be seeing The Apron Lady in a few fun places soon, I will keep you posted on facebook or right here on my blog. Have a great weekend (I have one more care package to make!).

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