Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More bloggers in the family!

My daughters Heidi and Mary have started blogging; and are giving me the push to keep up my blog better.
With Spring Quilt Market right around the corner - we are busily tying up the loose ends on our new patterns. I have to say I am really excited about some different things we are doing. While I will always be designing aprons (I have a new one that is to die for!)' I am enjoying branching into some other areas.
Way back in the 1980's I had a line of children's clothing. It was really fun to design for my kids, and then grow from there. With children's clothes being as popular as they are now, I have been updating a few of my favorite patterns to use in some of my new patterns.
As an elementary age girl I learned to sew originally and exclusively on stretch knits. My early designs were all knits. So of course you will see the knit influence in some of my new designs. I love the comfort for children that knits provide! I am looking forward to sharing with you - how easy knits can be to sew with, and how to mix you quilt fabrics with your knit fabrics.
Look for two upcoming tutorials on repurposing adult clothing for childrens knit shirts and leggings.
I am having a little bit of blog trouble here, so I will post my photos later. You have to see my mothers original knit designs and the fun things were working on!
Have a great day!

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Kathi said...

So happy to see you back online. Can't wait to see the new lines and patterns!!