Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello from the Apron Lady!!

I last wrote in June.
I wrote about the Owl and Ladybug Patterns, I am happy to report they are a smashing success! Congratulations to my friend and designer Sabrina, for her creativity with these patterns. Thank you Sabrina!

Where have I been?
I have mostly been having and recovering from surgeries, woe is me...! I am down to one more surgery in the near future, then I hope to be home free for a while! My Rheumatoid Arthritis has gotten so involved that every time I have a procedure, it really sets me back as well as clouds my recovery. Enough of that, I just thought some explanation might be in order.

It has also been a little difficult lately to concentrate on Aprons because we have had our beautiful daughter Katie and MY first grandchild Emma visiting. Katie and her army husband are stationed in Japan. And yes they have to take little Emma with them!! Over the years (especially when I was younger and stronger), I was known for my cooking. Well somehow Emma has come to look upon me as the food provider. This morning I made her pancakes, I think she couldn't believe she would get such a treat for breakfast. They return to Japan in less than 48 hours and it may be more than 2 years before I see them again....woe is me!!!
Well I am trying to get back into life, trying to live with gratefulness, and joy. Although I may have trials; I know the Lord has not left me alone here, I do have so much support. I have been blessed from reading the stories of bloggers who are going through their own trials.

I have received many kind notes from my Apron friends - so read on to my next post - to see what I would like to do for you!
My best,


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