Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting stronger everyday!

The last time I posted I was so excited and recommitted to blogging after a rough year and a half. I was looking forward to growing my little business, and being healthier, craftier and strong.....
Shortly after that, I was surprised to be in for another surgery (my third one this year).

So here I am again getting back on that horse to live and reclaim my life.
Spending time recovering was a tough exercise in patience.My life moved in slow motion as life went on around me.
Here is my chance to express my gratitude (even if I am the only one that reads it).
Gratitude for the tender care, love and friendship of my Husband. Gratitude for the the business acumen of my Son and Daughter, as they seamlessly kept the Apron Lady Designs moving. Gratitude for another daughters daily calls - when pain ruled my day she took the time to listen and help me look to the future. That said; I also feel blessed to know I was watched over from above.

Thank you; to the angels in the form of women and young ladies who have worked for me in every capacity over the last 2 years. Thank you to the Distributors who encouraged me and never gave up on me! And thank you every one of my customers, I love your stories, your kind words and continued support.

I feel a new excitement as I put on paper the designs that have been buzzing in my brain for too long! I am thrilled to play with so many of the new fabrics that are out there. Have a favorite fabric?Let me know! I will also be looking for pattern testers.
Oh and why did I post that picture?
My kids are grown and here mostly on short visits, I remember and treasure every memory! Enjoy the moment.
Jan Lutz