Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet my Husband's Girlfriend!!

   Here she is, the girl that stole my husbands heart. I cant blame him, she has my heart too! Oh what joy a grandchild can bring. We never tire of the photos or stories! When she is fussing, I sing over the phone (and I don't sing well), then she starts to babble about her day to me. Too bad she lives in Japan!!
   In the first photo she is reacting to her first Apron, my daughter slipped it on her and she started to skip around in it. After that she was ready to cook, she had her spoon and helped with the stirring.
  Good days or bad they are always made better by our little Miss Emma. Best of all, we have 2 more grand kids arriving this year.
  Hope your life's are feeling blessed too.


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