Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come Smock with us!

  Our new Smocking Aprons are seeing great success. They are so much fun! We have both a child's and an adult pattern.
The patterns include stitching photos and a huge dot grid for marking your Apron for Smocking.
I have to say working the smocking dot's is so relaxing and rewarding. As you see the smocking coming together it really pushes you to finish the project.
  I wish going to Market wasn't so physically demanding, I am still recovering. My doctors have a plan to boost me up, but unfortunately these plans usually knock me down before they lift me up.  Lucky for me my partner/husband and my sister Toni , and many other players keep things running smooth while my health sidelines me.
Happy smocking!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Shawnee sent me over here...i LOVE this apron! My Mom used to wear one similar in blue gingham when I was a little girl!

Anonymous said...

I just love this smocked apron!There are tons of apron patterns out there but this is the first I have seen with smocking! So cute! This reminds me of the beautiful dresses girls wore years ago to church, very feminine! I would love to win the pattern.!

Deanna said...

These are beautiful! My mouth fell open when I saw them - gorgeous!

Michelle AP said...

Shawnee sent me here:)
The smocked pattern is great and so is Flirty Skirty, and the Tea Twirl ones in your store. Aprons are so much fun and they remind me of my grandma<3 I'm an addict;)

Claudia said...

Shawnee sent me here and I subscribed to your blog :)