Monday, May 21, 2012

Life has changed so much since I was last blogging, I thought would give it another try.

Whats new with you?? I will tell you whats new with the Apron Lady.

MOVE -- We have moved to beautiful Central California. We lived here almost 30 years ago, now we have been transferred back. There are so many fun things to do in this area I am not quite sure I will be able to focus on anything!

PATTERNS -- I am working on several fun projects. One is a delicate Apron for a magazine.The other is a fun not so delicate Apron! We also are doing some boys projects, that I am thrilled about! (My husband the missile designer is working on those).

GRANDBABIES -- We were blessed with 2 new grandchildren born this past September. We now have 3 grandchildren and one more on the way. I couldn't love them anymore than I do! They are sweet smelling,squishy and adorable.

BIONIC WOMAN --In August I had my low back deconstructed and rebuilt. It was the battle of a lifetime, but I have lived to tell about it and for that I am stronger!

Above is a photo of our sweet brides Wedding Apron and of course beside it is our Honeycomb Smocked Childs Apron.
Tell me what your up too, how has your life changed in the last year?
Love you all!


Sandy said...

The wedding apron is gorgeous! I want to do one now myself.

Laurie@Aprons for Women said...

The wedding apron is beautiful. What a unique gift that would make for some lucky bride. It's the kind of gift that would stand out and that she could keep for a long time.