Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

  • April 1, is my Mothers birthday.

  • She is fighting Alzheimer's, she does so cheerfully.

  • I miss so many things we said and did. I love you Mom.

  • I love you Dad for taking such good care of her. I know how you miss yesterday, and yet your love and optimism sets the standard and an example for all of her friends for her 12 children.

  • What a great example of womanhood she has been, and continues to be.

  • Oh that I could live as well as she.

  • I haven't been here at my blog since last November. So much has happened in this brief period of time. Gratefully, I am getting stronger. I am grateful to be able to do a little more to care for my family and do more daily household tasks. I feel so normal!


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