Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Sewist come to visit

Last night was so fun. I thought my family was just being invited to dinner- but instead as soon as we were done with the most amazing fish tacos I was grilled and interviewed about my days as a "model" (sounds much more glamorous than it ever was), also lots of questions about pattern and clothing designing.

Oh I cant forgot to tell you .... all these questions were posed by a 9 year old. She even got out her Singer sewing machine; to see if I could fix it. Nope, I couldn't. So we packed her sister and Mom and headed to my house to check out my studio/office. (Their mom is on the new cover for my Spring Fling Apron pattern).

Out came all the new skirts for Suzie Swirl- they looked so adorable in them I cant wait to show them to all of you! My two little visitors tried on every apron and skirt I had in their size. What fun visitors they were! They each packed up a bag from my scrap box -to make some "designs" at home, I cant wait to see what they make! It's so fun to see young crafters developing right before my eyes!


Linda said...

Hi Jan...Love your new blog! Yummy, too! Your new patterns look and sound delightful.

Jeff and Jenny said...

Hi. I love this apron! Is the pattern available for purchase?